Request For Tender
No. MOH W2018
Title :
Ranmawat Dispensary Works, Pentecost, PENAMA Province
Category :
Construction Work
Date Issued :
Expiry Date :
Submission Date (Vanuatu Local Time) :
2020-10-16 00:00
Description :
Works Required: Works Lump Sum Contract ( labour, materials and transport) to a suitably qualified contractor for the supply of all technical expertise, superintendence, personnel, plant, equipment, materials, tools, fixture fit out, transport and all other items required to complete the scope of works ( Section 3-Technical Specifications), as well as the remedying of any defects, insofar as defined in the contract, being;
Purchaser :
Ministry of Health
Contact Person :
Senior Procurement Officer, Ministry of Health
Contact Person Email :
Number of Bids :
Qualified Bidders Names :
Kilson’s Home Construction, Woling Construction, Tulaet Projects, Island Construction Ltd, JKA Construction, Jean Ian Construction & Renovation, Vanmau Construction, Loli Business Enterprise, Enterprise Langlois, International Sales Enterprise
Contractor Name :
Vanmau Construction
Contract Value :
Vatu 57,014,010 exclusive of VAT and Duties
  • Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM)
  • Central Tender Board (CTB)
  • PMB 9058
  • Top Floor - S.I.P Building
  • Rue Pasteur
  • Port-Vila
  • Vanuatu, South West Pacific
  • Tel: (678) 23032
  • Email: Central Tender Board Office