The current threshold above which HIGH-VALUE PROCUREMENT involving acquiring complex goods, works and services (both physical and consulting) is VUV 10,000,000 and greater

In accordance with GOV Law, HIGH-VALUE PROCUREMENT requires

  • Open and fair competition in normal circumstances involving the appropriate TENDER method,and
  • Approval of the GOV CENTRAL TENDERS BOARD for Tender Method and Documentation, Recommendation for Award of Contract and the draft Contract


When applying Request For Tenders (RFT), the form and content of tender documentation would depend on the procurement method decided upon (refer GOV Procurement Guidelines soon to be released)

In addition to RFTs and, in the case of high-value consulting services Requests for Proposals (RFPs):

  • For large and complex tenders SELECTIVE TENDERING, involving PRE-QUALIFICATION may be applied (in the case of Vanuatu this usually only applies to WORKS) thereby ensuring that invitations to bid are only issued to those suppliers/ contractors that have adequate capabilities and resources.
  • Where it is not feasible to define fully the technical or contractual aspects in order to elicit competitive tenders, a TWO STAGE TENDER may be applied whereby only those contractors/ suppliers that submitted acceptable technical proposals in the first stage may submit tenders in the second stage.
  • In exceptional circumstances, subject to the approval of the Central Tenders Board, a LIMITED TENDER may be applied. Such circumstances are provided in the GOV Procurement Guidelines.



GOV has produced the following standard documents which, in accordance with GOV law, must be applied to the absolute extent possible, depending on the Tender Method approved by the Central Tenders Board:

  • RFTs for Goods, Works and Physical Services;
  • Request for Pre-Qualification (RPQ) for Works (to be used when shortlisting bidders for large and complex work tenders) ;
  • Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) to provide Consulting Services;
  • Request For Proposals (RFP) for Consulting Services