Request For Tender
Title :
Clearance and Gravelling of 11KM Road Access for Canal Fanafo Water Supply System Project
Category :
Road Works
Date Issued :
Expiry Date :
Completion Date :
Submission Date (Vanuatu Local Time) :
2023-07-14 04:00
Opening date and time :
2023-07-18 02:00
Description :
Works Required: • Bush clearance and excavation of 11 km Access Road with the help of earth moving machineries • Compaction with the help of construction machinery the excavate soil to form stable base • Supply of selected earth material, which is a combination of a mixture of natural or native materials of gravel, sand and fine particles with a binding characteristic to form a smooth, firm surface. • Placing gravel, spreading, levelling, watering and compaction of subgrade with the help of Earth moving construction machineries to make a harder, denser and more durable surface that can resist heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions easily. • Construct earth drainage ditch to properly drain rain water from the gravel road surface.
Purchaser :
Department of Water Resources
Contact Person :
Water Sector Project Manager
Contact Person Email :
Number of Bids :
Qualified Bidders Names :
Santo Earthworks Ltd, Shamba Digger, OTIC Excavations & Construiction, Shem and Kalenu Road Works, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) and Road Stabilizer Process Enterprise Ltd
Contractor Name :
Santo Earthworks Ltd
Contract Value :
VUV 32,787,500 exclusive of VAT